5.2 Weather on the Gower!

Well, not many of us flexible to sail today!
I hooked up with Dave for a cross on session at Llangenith with the breeze over the other shoulder and sailing out on the other tack. Soon after chatting on the beach and discussing how much easier it was to get out today with more angle and breeze the swell boosted!! I had one front crawl sprint after my kit, Dave ejected a couple of times mid back loop but far enough out to make it an easy swim back to his kit and I just settled for some big jumps and a bit of back side riding!?!??!!
Fun couple of sessions this week to get back into the swing of things, now just looking for a better set up for some cleaner waves and front side!
In the back of my mind I can always imagine Fred telling me to behave when I suggest sailing in these conditions!!!!!


  1. Tell him he can't be so fussy in the summer! Think of all those stuck behind desks who would love to get out in onshore mush!


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