Portugese Man o War

Unlike the insane level of windsurfing that is occurring in Pozo Iquiedero today and yesterday. (to go a little bit off subject here, did you see some of those jumps. I don't how high they are, 30 40 foot maybe, more, I don't know, but certainly the sort of height you would hurth yourself if you jumped out of a plane, which could easily be in the air at that height. Lets not forget - the perfect push loop forward of Philip Koster).

Anyway back on subject, the extreme level of windsurfing in Bournemouth Bay was definitely absent. But what was not absent was a Portugese Man of War.
How this hugely poisonous bag of jelly made it to Bournemouth, I don't know, but it certainly is not a welcome site. Ever the hero's James and Tim Cox had to paddle out to it on their boards and bring it ashore before it did any further damage. Deadly they can be to the right person...

Aside from that, it was a nice sunny day on the water, marginally powered on a 5.3. No swell going and should have probably been on a slalom board if it wasn't in the hut. Still was a pretty nice day, had the whole family on the beach and some cold beers buried in the sand.

James "Hibbard" Cox

Colin "House" Bainbridge

Time "Bend-Over" Cox


  1. If you get stung by a bluey - hot water eases the pain, opens the pours and flushes out the sting. (People used to think that urine was the answer, which relieved the pain, because it was warm...) A mate had a bad allergic reaction to one that wrapped around his neck. he was rushed to hospital and they sat him in a hot shower for 30 mins - he was fine after that...

    North Easterlies on the east coast of Oz in the summer bring in thousands of them. I have paddle out, duck dived and copped one in the face once - it gave me a fat lip. I still got a few good waves though and it wasnt going to ruin my day ;)


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