Island Games

Went over to Cowes on the Isle of Wight yesterday evening for the closing ceremony of the Island Games. The Island Games are a yearly 'mini Olympics' inclusive of all small islands around the Globe, from the Isle of Man, Bermuda, Caymen Islands, Menorca and so on. There is semi professional competition from cycling, diving, football, windsurfing and much more. We went over to see Jono Dunnett who is a good friend of mine and also brother of Gregg. (Can you believe the ferry on this small stretch of water was £47 pounds, outrageous. Even more outrageous is that if you want a day return for a van it's £130+, not exactly an incentive to go windsurfing there.).
Jono who has been living in Menorca for 15 or so years now is reigning champion in the windsurfing section, and again this year on the one day of windsurfing competition they had, he had won the Slalom elimination and taken home the Gold Medal. Previously he has won it on Formula, RS:X and Raceboard so it is getting a little boring now!! This year was one designish, using Tushy Freerace rigs and Starboard Futuras

Unfortuately for the competition they had to sit around all week waiting for the wind to show, it was the typical story, had they been there the previous week...

Jono was of the opinion that had it been raceboard they could have at least had competition all day, rather than waiting around for one day of wind, which meant a lot of sitting arou