Ian Leonard's Secret Spot

It's not often a south coast softie like myself gets to sail a genuine west country secret spot, but I got very lucky at the weekend to be passing by Ian Leonard's part of the world at the same time as a decent summer storm was blowing. Risking the wrath of the locals (they've been known to put very snotty notes on windscreens if you don't park responsibly) I followed Ian out on my 5.2 and new board (more on that later if I get time). It's an awesome place to sail, on account of the very high cliffs covered in dense forests, split by a steep path and a waterfall. The wave itself appears well offshore and only on very low tides, with a big swell and the right wind direction. It almost never works in the winter, and is even rarer in the summer. It wasn't a classic day for this spot, but still pretty nice. The photos here are from the end, when the tide had come in too high and killing off the waves. They're also taken from nearly a mile away with a cheap little camera, so probably better than it looks here - but never scary. Important for me as I scare easily, especially on port tack!

As ever, can't write more. Have to go to work...


  1. Nice report, what board do you have? How is Grubby?

    We scored a perfect K Bay yellow ledge session on Sunday morning / lunchtime (Colin arrived later after it was all over).

    Full power 5.3m with solid head high+ on the ledge in glorious sunshine. Incredible jumping!

  2. Glad to hear Colin missed it. Ian's spot is a bit like Kimmeridge on an easterly, but with an extra bit at the end where the wave wraps around the secret bit that I'm not allowed to talk about.

    Grubby is fine, he enjoyed his trip to the Scilly Isles at the weekend. The new board is an old classic I picked up cheap on ebay, a mistral syncro 90. Just the one fin and all the better for it!

  3. OMG next you'll be sailing the original windsurfer. 3 fins is the way forward (for waveboards) as long as the board they are attached too doesn't snap.

    The place sounds nice. I know where it is (on the map). Is there a painful initiation rite to sail there?


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