A Cox Short

In fact it wasn't just a Cox short today, it was also a Dunnett and Bainbridgeless.

Today was actually quite exceptional. I couldn't get out in the morning when it was really windy deciding to wait for the swell to push in.

So to put it quite bluntly, it is pretty rare to get clean down the line head high peeling waves, and for it to be cross offshore also. OK the wind was all over the shop, so we had to put 5.7's up. This is me, Tim and Simon Cox. Jim is off on a gin palace cruising the oceans of Greece with a cocktail on olive lolipop and pink boardies. Gregg was at Ian Leonard's secret spot, which is probably about as secret as phone hacking these days. Hopefully we will hear about that session later.

The waves were good enough for three good turns to start with...sweet. To cut a long story short the wind got right back up again, but I couldn't be arsed to change sail. So I went for a full on downwinder. I had so much power so that I could literally go downwind parrellel with the beach, almost on a run. Then gybe, and take the waves equally broad hitting each section with twice as much power as needed, and then stacking it. I think I must have gone about 3 miles or so.
The upwind leg was just as good, big floaty upwind jumps. It was one of those sails where I could have just kept going and not turned round.

The ale now is really good!