Stayed at the beach hut last night, woke to 4.2 weather and driving rain. However today we had planned to actually get in the van and venture out of Bournemouth. Canoe believe it? We had to go and pick some stuff up from Emile's. Fortunately there was also a great forecast too, although it died, then got up, and then died again, and then finally got up!

It's ages since I have sailed at the Witts, I forgot how onshore it was there, but still great fun, loads of stunt ramps and fun wave to do backside hits on. I found it a little bit harder to get the angle on. Liz took some pictures for a few seconds..

Emile is a bit of a backloop Jedi Master these days, really consistent, unlike me. I was just lucky to get a high one caught on camera, and even then I landed a bit flat and jarred my spine which hurt a bit. 

The other interesting thing about today were the fins I made. Well I cut some new shapes into some old 20.5 cm fins I had, making them smaller, and then essentially making them large twin fins. I decided that I wanted to see how a twin board would perform with larger fins. I actually did not notice a difference in any of the waveriding. My board really drove well through the turns, it's got a lovely shape. What I really wanted was more drive for jumps in choppy onshore and backside airs when the wind is a bit iffy. I can't be completely sure just yet, but I think they achieved this. I certainly could push harder than normal through the chop without having to be so delicate on my back foot, meaning I felt I could push much harder into a ramp. The thing that needs improving is the fit in the box. I think they will compliment my K4's (more down the line option) One was vibrating so much I could actually hear it. Tomorrow I am going to pack it out more and sand the profile down too.  I also had a go on Emile's single fin board which in the brief go I had felt pretty amazing. It definitely adds to my belief that it's all about the board design and rocker profile and less to do with the amount of fins. This probably is completely against the grain of belief.

Better just add a token picture of Casey and myself in our green goblin outfits.


  1. Am a bit gutted that my backie is so low! How much did you pay Liz?


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