5.3 gone

5.3 icon sold to the same guy that bought one from me a few years ago. Once you get the Simmer experience there is no going back. I now just have 2009 4.0 to sell. Not been used since 2009, however there isn't so much demand for small sails, it is a good price though for a very nice highwind sail.

I'll be selling my 2011 icons at then end of august, they are 5.3, 4.7 and 4.2 all well looked after and in good condition.

Ill also be selling my mistrals fairly soon, although not until I've decided what type of board to get...? The twinser 82 which is a lovely little board will be going at a very good price... watch this space.


  1. Hi Clyde

    What condition / price for the 4.2 icon?
    How do i email you??

  2. Hi Steve; sorry for the late reply; im away at the minute; it is a 4.1 and for 130 in great condition; the 2011 4.2 is for sale in september and has only been used a handful of times so will be 200 pounds. thanks clyde

  3. How much 4.1?

    How much 4.2?

    Special price 4.3..?

    Simmer - great sails!

  4. johnnie - email me at clydewaite@gmail.com


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