Windy Season?

Is summer the windy season? 3rd time out since Friday and opted not to sail on Sunday because it wasn't sunny, how crap is that. What a surprise to eventually turn up at the beach at 6.30 pm to find sun, wind and some small waves to play on. Driving past Bournemouth pier was dead flat, however Southbourne as usual had much more swell. Gregg was already there thinking it might be 4.7 weather. You can never tell at that beach. A general rule is too go a board and sail bigger than you think. So 5.3 and Joker wave worked well. You could get some forwards on the inside, but enough power to hit a good ramp were few and far between.

Still not complaining, got home to watch 127 hours on our new blue ray system, owwwwahhh that must hurt so much. I was in pain just watching it, I'm still whincing now

Looks like we are in for more wind and more swell tomorrow, eexxxcelllent!