Too Tired

Forced myself on the water today, was sunny with small waves and 5.3 weather. I didn't make much of this windsurfing session because I was half asleep most of the time. I was actually looking forward to go home and have a sneaky nap. I think the windsurfing, teaching all day and poor sleep due to the 3 month old little menace caught up with me today. Save it for tomorrow..

This is the fence and subsequent small cliff we climb down to get to the beach.


  1. Had to leave the baby sitting to Solenne and get a cheeky power hour in at Langland while young Ffion Holt entertained Solenne in the van......looks windy tom again!!!!

  2. Hang on, baby sitting? is there something you've not mentioned before..?

  3. No news yet, not ours.......


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