Too Much Weed

There is driving rain, and then some more - it's still at it now and it's meant to be a drought. Today could have been an amazing session, although I wasn't in the zone, just plagued by a few comedy situations.

1. The weed, there was so much of this stringy stuff everywhere, and I had not one but two fins for it to catch on. Just when you wanted to load up for a jump, the weed suddenly slowed you down. The funniest of this was when I actually landed a backie right into a some floating platform of string weed the size of a small island, it was everywhere, wrapped round my legs, in my footstraps, then my mast foot. There I was desperately trying to claim this backloopwhen the weed started strangling me. I spent a good few minutes fighting it off, I felt like I was in clash of the titans with the giant squid. I kid you not, the leading edges of my fins are brown from slicing through so much weed.

2. Then it was the fact that it was 4.2 weather, fully loaded - but I haven't got round to getting a smaller board, my smallest waveboard is actually my biggest waveboard at 82 litres, bouncy, bouncy.

3. Then there were these shittest of shit swinging harness lines that I have forgotten about and not replaced on my smallest boom. They are amazing, when you want to hook in they swing away, so you end up endlessly thrusting at your boom looking like a sexually demented monkey to any passer by. Then when you want to unhook, like before a loop, or gybe, or backside cutback they miraculously hook you in - causing you to crash incredibly well.

4.To add to that there was my Dog, who (can you say 'who' about a dog, despite me hiding all my clothes in the van, still managed to find them, pull them out, and arrange a nice bed for her soaking wet dog body.

Now despite all this whinging, actually it was a good sail. Was pleased with a good height stalled forward, although perhaps it was a bit too stalled as I didn't rotate until I bit too late so slapped my back bloody hard. Coxy was coping with the conditions the best as usual, big big forwards, pushies and backies and one incredibly funny forward bail out. I'm pleased I'm not the only one who does them like that.

below are a few quick picces I took from inside the van before going out.