Too Late

The excuses just keep on rolling in.... Yesterday we had the wind, today the waves were good in the sets but at 5.30pm the time I got to the beach it was dddying...and a bit toooo late.

I think Coxy and Steve Thorp had a good session earlier on in the day. I arrived to find two of my old RYA zone squad members all grown up and taller than me. Quite a change from when I used to force them out to race  on their Techno 293's in subzero temperatures. Sam Latham is actually now one of the countries best slalomer and top youth, and well Ben Grist has gone to the dark side - still he was actually having more fun than either of us today. What they might have gained in windsurfing skill, they still haven't gained in common sense. As I arrived the AA man had all sorts of wires forced into Sam's van trying to open it up after Sam had locked his key in. Sam was waiting impatiently wanting to get his 5.3 out to rig up!

It's been a great run, could that be it for a while......?


  1. Very good run.....Horton with only Dave last night for a 5.8 big board session with some waist high waves early on! Until this month I had been sailing Llangenith nearly every session, but recently had good variety of wind directions, swell sizes and some classic Horton........Back to work tom-only 3 days off (in the UK) in the next month! So at least if its on in August I will be able to afford an ice cream and a pasty on the way home.......Justin was right-Summer is the new autumn.....


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