Sussed the windsurfing work balance at last...

I've had a few annoying sessions recently. I get down the beach after work, speed-walk the dog, rig up and finally get out on the water only for the wind to drop off. (And then the 'fun' of changing up, grabbing a bigger board and letting off downhaul all the while with the wind dropping up and annoying w*nkers telling me I should have been there earlier.)

This time however I've got it sussed. I just didn't f*cking bother going out.

Do I sound bitter? I'm not bitter...

(One of the joys of having a dog, is that it needs to be walked every day, and hence I seem to have accrued a bit of a backlog of pictures of recent sessions.)


  1. Gregg, you should have been there earlier!

    For those interested, I'd just like to point out that not many moons ago Gregg "worked" from home and Colin also "worked" from home. I would be at work getting constants harrasment from my lazy year 11's safe in the knowledge they had been to kbay or similar, and already "been" out that day so didnt want to go out in the evening...


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