Perfect Day

Only one word can describe yesterday, epic. It was probably the best windsurf I have had for years. Now I have been thinking about this, and I am think I have windsurfed at most of the best well known breaks in the world. From Gwithian, Margies, Hookipa, Sunsets, Mauritius etc etc, however I don't know what it was about it, but I can honestly say that yesterday I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else in the world but here, or more specifically the beach break 5 minutes from my house in front of the "Bistro on the Beach" , Southbourne, Bournemouth.
It was sunny, the waves had power in them, we were full powered on 4.7's. For many moments everything was completely perfect. It was Saturday, there wasn't even a rush to get to the beach. Myself and Gregg took the morning to walk the dogs, whilst I had to look after my sun (I mean son). We were contemplating where to go. Coxy had a case for Kbay and he wanted to go and meet Jack Hunt there. We were toying with the idea of Highcliff for something different. However Coxy called from Southbourne to say it was perfect there, and unbelievably there were already 8 people out - and what's more they were not any of us locals - Strange, how could this be.

So just to be different we went to Southbourne, Coxy went to Kimmeridge. Gregg was first out and was ripping up some waves on his old school board (his beloved evo is so knackered even the repairs need repairing - someone needs to sponsor this guy and give him another evo or something, otherwise he is just going to use older and shitter kit and still make it look good!)

I couldn't resist much longer Gregg came in for a break, I gave him the camera for a bit and launched. First run full powered with a 4.7 a big grin.

The session could be split up into three sessions, before the rain, after the rain when the waves really picked up and there was some solid waveriding, and the evening session where we met up with Coxy again after he had a great hour of waveriding at the Bench. But to quote "ahhh it feels so good to be back"

At 6pm the tide was lowest, the wind had dropped so we were now on 5.3's but as it pushed in the waves picked up to a really good size some up to logo high, starting to break at the yellow buoys, the wind stayed around till about 8pm then we had to call it a day and celebrate with an ale.

Casey got a look in to some of his future toys and sailing spots.

Below are some more pictures of the people out today, for all of today's pictures go to the windsurfbritain page on facebook.


  1. Horton, magic......frontside, dtl with planing off the beach into backloop ramps.....

  2. Seems like everywhere was magic yesterday. We'll all remember it like a fine vintage port. And the best bit of all - I've finally finished my kitchen!!

  3. The only thing I ever remember from a fine vintage port is the all day headache the day after!


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