Loved that, sunny, windy and plenty of waves to get some stunts and wave rides from. I couldn't get to the beach until 5pm, but perhaps I got the best of it, well powered on a 4.7 with the waves pushing in a little more. Seemed the sun really helped the wind, unfortunately by the time Gregg got there after some business wheeling and dealing it was getting cooler and the wind dropping a bit. The light was perfect for taking pictures, for some reason I had my camera on the wrong setting - doh!



  1. That looks like Hove, but with less wind ;-) Why is Gregg on that old fanatic?

  2. probably less wind always is if thermal top up. i was on 4.7 in the evening. Gregg was just trying it out to see how it compared, you know what he is like! less onshore than hove!


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