Air Time League

Looks like it is getting a bit quiet in windsurfing life, but with 5 solid days of swell and masses of wind (unless you happened to be building a kitchen on all 5 days....), then maybe you got some footage of some of your biggest jumps - (I have to admit I didn't get any footage - which could be read a couple of ways). But if you did, and we are talking windsurfing jumps here, or even bailouts, but not the standard sort of jump you might do, for when you are happy, for example, then send them to boardseekermag to enter the airtime league.

So in summary send high jumps to boardseekermag here:

AIRTIME LEAGUE link just there

If you are unsure what a big jump looks like, here is a reminder - but it apparently can be a normal straight jump or a gay one.