Two in a row

After missing the fun of the Pill on Sunday due to work I made it home for a quality session at Horton. I drove away from Portland where everyone was slalom racing and free sailing in the harbour with low tide as my goal!

The guys had all sailed hard in the morning and were resting. A few locals were out, Chris, a few guys who are graduating from Swansea bay, Peter and Niamh, and some tourists. Notably, Florian Jung who was ripping it up when the waves built on the push. He was having a UK road trip with a friend and a French guy was also on tour.

So, 5.2 Horton on the quad with well over head high on set. (The wave has had real heavy section the last couple of days). Making the best of the summer light I think I was out until about 1930.

So, Monday morning and no work as I had been away for 6 days last week. Straight to Broughton- a long surf break which is a left point. I still haven’t enjoyed it at its best, which is saying something as I have been in Swansea for years and my sailing has been ok/good the last few years. But having missed it two weeks earlier (due to DIY in French with my visiting father in-law!) and Fred talking up the logo high riding that I missed I’m ready to give it another chance. Anyway-it wasn’t working!

The forecast was for it to swing into the WSW and that left me on standby for Horton at the opposite end of the tide. I went home to get on top of a few things and returned for low to Horton beating the school traffic out of Swansea and slowly rigging as the wind was in, but the waves weren’t working yet. It happened, not as big as yesterday, but the breeze built and I had to change down from 5.2 to 4.7 as I made the best of a couple of hours when the waves were working well. It was 2000 when I was derigging!!

The guys made it down after work and Rich Ling was using his paternity leave to get a session in! Congratulations Rich and Yuli.

What a great two sessions-the Gower loves the more W breeze and swells! And so do I!


  1. Got to the beach for 6.30 yesterday just as the wind dropped and it started raining. Am feeling the frustration of being a worker these days.

    Must get to Swansea for a weekend soon. Broughton would be great on a sup as well.

  2. Who's that, planning to SUP Broughton, didn't enjoy the 5 knot-155 meter a minute rip which I had last time I tried to windsurf it on a big swell with full on breeze!! Gregg??


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