Tim 'death loop' Cox

There were two ways to look at today's windsurf- warm sunny and windy, yep, and it was starboard tack! In the last month or so I have only sailed on port tack, so it was good to be facing the right way for once. The other, well you could say it was frustratingly gusty, but why look on the dull side?

It absolutely howled last night, like a lost pack of dogs playing the howling game, after drinking a bottle of famous grouse. Oh, actually, that might have just been us! Even in the morning it was still howling, the empty bottle of whisky a distant memory, but it was dead flat. We located at Shouthbourne at 1pm with a good turnout, all three Cox brothers, Jamie Hancock, myself, Gregg Dunnett and a special guest appearance from Andy Heighton Jackson on some spangly new looking pink and green German kit. Andy had spent the last few years on duty in Afghanistan and was down this way doing some training in Warminster.

In all it was an epic session, ok it was super gusty and sometimes the wind and the ramps didn't align themselves - but when they did it was superb, decent forwards and high backies (not that I landed any without getting my clew backwinded and slammed at the end). But bloody nice to be on a 4.7 with a ramp to hit.

Move of the day is definitely that of Tim "Death Loop" Cox. Tim took end over ends to the next level this afternoon - I was impressed! The best entertainment was the one he let go. He hit a backie ramp well off the wind and went end over end before bailing, his kit then traveled another 30 ft along and did a second loop! Good skills.

Rescue of the day has to go to no one - which is worrying. Since Gregg snapped his UJ completely out to sea and none of us noticed. The webbing even snapped. Ingeniously though, Gregg tied his down haul rope under neath the deckplate and screwed it back in, consequently managing to get in - a bit down wind.

I actually used my Gath helmet today, and it was alright - the idea is to give me an excuse to sort pushloops out. I actually didn't mind wearing it at all, plus keeps the sun off my scalp.

Anyway, a good weekend overall, with the slalom sail yesterday. Even better next week looks promising...

Below - just take a look at the Cox's they just cannot resist the camera. One day they might even get caught windsurfing.


  1. I got blown off in Weymouth!! (I had work planned in Weymouth with the US 49er sailors and it was too windy!!!) I did my best to make like Steve Thorpe, broke Clydes golden rules and drove away from wind-Slalom contest on in the harbour and 4.7 weather on normal kit....missed high tide on the Gower, but I had a low tide plan with these long summer days- everyone had the Pill!! Lucky sods, I made it home in good time to have a brew in support of the Life Boats and enjoy some Horton cross off stb magic!! Joined by a few guys including a German pro Florian Jung, he RIPS-hope he keeps the Gower quiet!!


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