Somewhere between Gwithian and Newquay

I'm not being secretive, I just don't know the name. Clyde was negotiating our beach on the drive down to Gwithian with Andy King and we ended up in (i think) Perran Sands. I wasn't paying enough attention. Anyway it's on the top of the world's largest sand dune. Easy enough to walk down, an epic struggle on the way back up after 5 hours on the water, dressed in a non breathable thick rubber suit and dragging windsurf kit. The sort of journey that should be made into a major motion picture.
The swell had too much south in it to get into Gwithian and this place would be bigger, it sounds from the forums as though it was bigger, but it wasn't really clean - perhaps too close to the low? I don't know as the direction seemed to be x-off on the beach, but super choppy on the wave face. You had to leave the bottom turn very late to let it stretch out the chops, then you often missed the section or only got one turn. Still nice to get in the water, particularly nice to get in some slightly scary waves for a change.

I managed to take a few pics when my mast gave up the ghost, taking my long serving 4.7 with it (second run out after walking all way up the dune and back again to change down!). Must have been a good sail as I didn't really mind.

Got to say as well, the King brothers are looking very at home in Cornwall's port tack conditions these days, and the aerial is Nick Mofatt who was also sailing very well.