Simmer Life

Well, what is wrong with a blatent plug every now and then. A Simmer clean sweep in the Ireland BWA, well done Mr Proffit (if anyone wants to buy his surfboards super cheap, they are still lying about in my garage), Aleksy Gayda and Sarah Bibby winning their fleets!

However some of "our" riders, James Cox and Emile Kott were also over there, Jimmy getting consistent 5ths, bear in mind he is probably the only person out of the pro fleet who doesn't go away all winter and spends most of his time in his shed solving peoples computer code issues. If this lad ever got the opportunity to spend all his winter in the wind and unleash his talent - it would be a different story. Put it this way, in the last year we have sailed once in port tack. So for Coxy to put up a valient close fight against Bubble, Proffit, Horrocks and Adam Lewis who pretty much spend 6 months of they year in port tack locations sailing almost every day is no mean feet. Emile Kott did well in the amateurs but got out foxed by the sly fox and Boardseeker team mate Alfie Hart, we always knew his waveriding was silky smooth just like his face!! Emile also is a starboard tack lad, as he proved last year with a 2nd place in Cornwall.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, it looks like we are back to NorthWesterlies, so I am going to get my slalom board and V-max 6.6 out again and do some blasting around christchurch harbour, and hopefully if it swings a bit westerly off the Hengistbury Head ledges, and get some jumping in.