goya one for sale

Some new kit added to the shop by Gower wave legend, uplands legend and RYA legend, not to mention a legendary ability to clean and talk shite, Ian Clingan, is selling off some 09 Rocks and the legendary GOYA one 95.

Check it out on the shop page.

Apparently sly boy Coxy slipped in there to sell him some Ezzy's, ouch, that is my sales patch...

Here is a picture of him using the Goya, in obviously too windy conditions, but the board rips.. The sails, well, they are tushinghams - enuff said.


  1. He has a blue helmet! A blue helmet!!!!!! - he can't wear one that colour...

  2. maybe you two are both the same person, that could explain a lot. Dare I say, I think he might have got his first....

  3. Hi-All the sails have gone. Hope Rob is happy with them-used parcles2go.com to send them-royal mail don't like anything over 1.5m!! Hope the link is useful........Ian


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