Day Tripper

 Friday night I put the idea to Gregg that Sunday was going to be a Cornwall day, southerly and early indications of some swell perfect. The last two times this happened to me, I didn't go and subsequently fell into a pit of depression upon hearing how good it was, each time vowing to go the next time. Typically Gregg tried to talk me out of it on Saturday night. Something about having to get up too early. This however is no longer an issue to me with the new sproglet.

Andy King had time off the beat, and he reckoned instead of going to Gwithian because the swell was too SW we should go too Perrenporth, which will generally be bigger than Gwithian and pick up as the day progresses. The plan was too meet at Perran Sands car park.

Now when I think of Perren Sands, I think of a lung busting F**& off big sand dune. I've surfed there a few times and I guarantee the last thing you want when you have used your last ounce of energy on the water is a sand dune the size of texas to lug your board up. Even worse with windsurfing kit. Still it was clearly the best option.
 The first hour was great on a 5.3, how good to be powered up in head high down the liners. It then picked up and started to go ballistic. The waves got bigger, the beatings harder and the chop only smoothed out once the wave really walled up.

Everyone was way to maxed on 5.3's, but the prospect of going up the hill was too much. But then literally it was impossible to hold on too a 5.3, so we had to change. The 4.7 was equally overpowering, and now the waves were picking up even more. I hit so many late lips and sapped my energy on lots of swims. Great fun, I was proper fooked, and getting up that hill, well that was a memory I want to block out in the back of mind for a long time.

 There were quite a few out on the water, and some of the old names too, Andy and Steve King, Thorpy, Gregg, Jan Sleigh, Nick Moffatt and plenty others - could have been a wave jam!
 The drive back only took 3 hours, I got back at 8.30 and necked a few bottles of ice beer. 3 hours there, 5hours on the water and 3 hours back - best windsurfing day for ages!!!

The pictures are not the greatest. They basically involved having a bag on the beach, with the camera in and a few moments here and there to come in and take some shots. Still gotta feed the blog!!


  1. G'day Gregg and Clyde! DLaird here - now based down in Oz. I stay in touch with Sally Davies and she sent me a link to your blog - a very entertaining read too, which is now bookmarked.

    I hope you are both well. Clyde I hear that you are now a proud father - big congrats!!

    It certainly appears that you are both still living life to the full and getting out in the water whenever you can - nice work! :)

    That's if from me. Stay in touch and next time I am over I will have to give you a heads up. (My dad gets down to Devon loads and we were down there last year on a visit.) Looks like you travel around that area quite a bit and if you are around it would be wonderful to catch up.



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