Windsurf Wales!

So three days out of four wasn’t bad for the Easter weekend!

The northerly thing was going on again; maybe I could try and explain it-the Gower is a Peninsular, the early summer sea breezes don’t work-but late in the afternoon when the other local thermals are closing down somehow the Northerly gets a punch at Genith! But the theory doesn’t matter, if you surf don’t go so hard you wont be able to be bothered to carry your windsurf kit down later…….just keep an eye out for the northerly forecast and expect better windspeeds 4ish onwards…….

Maybe it worked yesterday, but I was on full body close down and had a lazy day at home. Second down day in 15! Plenty of double sessions as well-SUP the clean surf this morning, sail it (stb tack) this evening!! Cross off later and DTL with chunky waves.

Keep an eye on the forecast…..alone again!

Big carry, low tide with the big kit! I enjoyed Fred's text, he couldn't make it today and sent me a simple message-you lucky swine!!


  1. is that a more recent skate than the one I sold you I see?? Freestyling down the mumbles like usual..

  2. p.s are you trying to suggest that Wales is not in Britain.. and even worse that you are Welsh now, when you are actually from the dangerous suburbs of Leicester.?!

  3. I know I'm not Welsh; I wait for the Six Nations so I can go to the beach or ride single track alone!!!! But I've been here 20 years....... (Leicesters not dangerous, just a long way from anywhere especially at £1.40 a litre....)
    2010 Skate, from Pura Jim-22 cm wave fin to improve the ok for a big guy-should have been on my quad yesterday as I was planing through the line up......

  4. you have a quad now?!11 I don't have one yet and I am sure I taught you how to windsurf - Even worse Gregg still has a battered ECO. Which quad, and do you still have the twin 86 (great board that!)

  5. Things are a bit out of hand, 9 boards of the water sports variety at present.......I've a very good goya 95 going cheap-make sure Gregg knows! Yes, replaced by a Fanatic quad..... (I like to think half of them are Solenne's!! Well she does have more surf boards than me......)


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