Unexpected call for the North wind

Just scored again, all the indicators say 17ish mph, but plenty to waterstart, float and ride! Opposite from yesterday with stb tack, cross and slightly off later! Plenty of punch to the waves, the buoy says 5 foot and 7 seconds, but it must have been breaking over a sand bar or enhanced by the pushing tide because their was plenty of white water to contend with and it was heavy too!

I had wondered if I was getting better with the wind from the left after my WA trip this winter, but Fred’s broken 100% rdm mast proved that it was just heavy!

Where was everyone? I sent the texts, no one came….just Fred (who motivated me to go out), myself and a visitor……

I'm making the best of my Hill End/Genith season parking pass-5 visits in the last 9 days! Now just need to tip the balance to more sessions windsurfing than SUPing or surfing!


  1. i was committed to a bbq, great sail on Friday though - SE gennith rocks. Off work for a month so fingers crossed for more of the same. Rich L

  2. So let us in on this. Is a 17mph sunny forecast worth making the 3 hour drive for, or are we likely to get skunked - need to know the percentages.


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