Topical Gower Update

Ian Clingan, like many others, can't make his mac doing basic things, but wanted to post this..

Not much action to report from the Gower. A few classics over the winter, but scarce recently!
Wednesday was just windy enough with port tack Llangenith float and ride most of the afternoon. Driven of the water for an hour in the van by the lightening! Only a few surfers for company in the afternoon and joined by Dave and Rich for the after work session. Pembroke buoy hit over 10 foot in the afternoon and it was breaking a choppy 4, maybe 5 foot on set (surfer measure, topical.......)
Helmets are a common place with the local sailors. Most have Gath hats, mine was bought to surf in about 17 years ago when Jono had a mishap with a thruster at Rhossili! I used to only put it on for bigger or windier days, but have got used to wearing it all the time and acquired a wife who insists I wear it!! (Warm but noisy!)
Hoping for some spring sessions, leaving the SUP at home and sailing out as its far less effort!

PS-would have posted, but not mastered my mac and can’t work out how to get the photos from iphoto onto the page!!


  1. is that the wife that is warm but noisy?

  2. Oh, suped all morning, dinged my new board when a long boarder dropped in on me and managed to snap a fin with my hip and ass on another dismount when I didn't kick the kit out! Good surf today......


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