Bonjour. Quick post from hols in france. Using the facilities of E Leclerc. Lots of sunny beach weather here to be had... Had a quick explore of the north Finistere coast, but waves were always at the foot of massive cliffs or a half mile walk away. So headed to Crozon where we've been for a couple of days. Surfing waist to head high waves with a fairly stiff offshore breeze. Heading off to La Torch now, after a tomato and camembert bagette.


  1. Lucky man, I love all of those venues.....don't drink too much cider with those crepe's!!!! Enjoy the surf club showers and relaxed camping in La Torche car park, Hope you get some cross/cross off to sail those beaches! Worth considering Quiberon and the approaching beaches if you have time......can't wait to go back in September maybe......

  2. git, git, git - you just wait until you see my new camper van and Casey is old enough to travel.

    Great pictures, put more up. How is the new van, and has Maria caught any waves??


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