Van For Sale

This is the Mercedes Vito 108 CDi (common rail 2.2 diesel engine, abs and discs allround with traction control)

For Sale For £1700

I'm selling my trusty van. The Van has done 132000 miles and since I have had it (since 99 000) miles it has had two services. It has never missed a beat and has been really cheap to run, minor things have only needed to be done every MOT. (last MOT it passed first time). In the last 15000 miles all the brakes and brake discs have been replaced. In the last month it has had two new front tyres. The van is economical (about 35mpg combined - maybe more) and has never broken down or failed to start (apart from last November when the diesel in the tank froze).

You can see it is set up with a raised floor and compartments to hold sails masts surfboards etc below. It's SWB but I can fit my boards in no problem. A SUP will also fit in length ways over the middle front seat. It comes complete with the roofrack, a basic amp and speakers etc.

The only flaw with the van is the bodywork, which is tatty because of the rust - typical of Mercedes Paint job, you can see this from the photo's and hence the price. Compared to other vans I have owned it is much smoother and nice to drive than a T4 so is a lot better value for money in that respect.

Contact me on 07950 273357