pocket rocket

I'm increasingly concerned that this blog is becoming more about supping than windsurfing. However since there is no windsurfing to report then it might as well stay that way. It has been an unreasonably good 2 months of surfing on the south coast. Somehow a stream of swell was caught up between 2 low pressure and channeled perfectly up the English Channel. We got so used to it, that now it seems to have gone, I can't quite get my head around the fact that it might not always be like this.

Revelations - one very good thing has come out of all this, that is the discovery (well we knew about them) but subsequent purchase of a couple of very short starboard SUP's. The 8 5 pocket rocket quads. They are about 255cm in length and 30 inch wide. They are amazing, turn like surf boards and catch waves like paddle boards. It has made me really unsure of when I will actually use my surfboard.

We had some really small but clean waves as result of the easterly winds, at Boscombe, we caught loads of waves where the surfer's were not getting any. All on the face, and surfing them as if they were proper waves. Now we just want to get out in some proper swell. Great way to burn a load of money though - and I have a feeling that they will pay back plenty times over!


  1. Those pictures really show how small a wave you can ride with a SUP. Last Easter we took a trip to Bantham/Bigbury. It was flatter than a flat thing that had been run over by a steamroller! There was a 6in standing wave in the river mouth and I had such good fun on it with a SUP - 11'2 Blend.


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