It's windsurfing jim...

Well that turned out to be a good little session, I'm pretty knackered though after more swimming than intended, even worse since I didn't do my wetsuit up properly. The water is still so cold!

The waves were decent enough, up to head high, and breaking with some punch on the sandbar, good enough for a few smacks and turns. However there wasn't much wind on the inside - hence the swimming. Jim Cox, of little patience, left the water a bit too early whilst the wind was sketchy. I could see him deliberating whether to come back out at the top of the slope - shame because the wind picked up a little and went a bit more side shore. I Think he got shed withdrawal and had to get back and smell the wood. Boardseeker deadline is tomorrow, to go live! Coxy thinks he can get to Gwithian tomorrow if Emile (who is testing with Boards mag in Egypt), can get him the features in time. I think have got some odds on that one.

I think I had a solid 2hrs on the water in the end - maybe a little less, which I am quite impressed with since it is my first foray onto the water since newly aquired Fatherhood. Everyone tell's me it's the end of windsurfing - I think it is just the start!! I'll get out just as much, but maybe not for as long..