Yellow Sunday

I went to Chapman's Pool today to see if really is a secret spot or a myth. It's only accessed down a steep and muddy path, and was flat and choppy.
Headed back to Kimmeridge and found nice lines on the ledges, with a few surfers out, so that clears that one up!
There was a bit of wind, and it was difficult to decide whether to surf or windsurf. Decided to surf and went out as the wind picked up to 40knts. Came in and rigged up and the wind dropped to 4knts. Typical squally weather.
Eventually had a great hour out on Yellow ledge, all alone except for Rod and his fiance on the shore rapidly deciding to buy a SUP (or two). Hence the photos.
Great weekend. Weather is turning cold now and the relentless swell taking a break. Shame, as Clyde and I have got some new smaller SUPs turning up tomorrow...