Thursday 24th Feb

Today felt like spring, I was actually roasting in my winter suit. I missed last nights swell, but was determined to get in again when Bigsalty reckoned the swell was picking up. It was a little dissapointing compared to Tuesday. A lot smaller, choppier and a little bit of wine. It was still fun, and the sun was shining.

There is a lot of debate going on at the Boards forum about windsurf appeal and the SUP crossover. Since first getting on a SUP, I had a complete U turn on the subject - and now hardly use my surfboard, unless in cornwall or somewhere with really good lefts. It is probably by far my most used all round board. It means you can get on the water every week. Plus they are great for going mackerel fishing on. They definitely make the wait between windsurfing far less painful. Another benefit I see, especially on the south coast is there winter use. It can be subzero, and as long as you paddle hard, you just don't get cold (OK, hands will a bit at the start). The irony about them is, that initially we thought they were for small waves, but the bigger and fatter the better!!...I'm just waiting to get a smaller more maneuverable one.


  1. I have to agree. I have a carve133 that now never gets used as my SUP blend 11'2 is far more fun, even with a 7.8m sail on it.

    We need to promote this as much as possible. A lot of people still dont know that this sport exists and have not seen them out on the water. Even last year as I paddled through boats moored I was getting questioned on how to start, where to get them, is it easy etc. There are only 4 or 5 of us around Weymouth bay that go out regularly for a paddle and there should be far more.

  2. Hi Clyde.
    Glad to see you have spent your time off wisely. Since finding your blog using the power of google, I am now offically your stalker. Looking forward to Saturday's swell...
    PS Ask your prolific photographer to get me in the shutter!

  3. Ha ha, Ill do my best. Hopefully be at K-bay on Saturday. Gregg is on a mission.

    I reckon that there will be plenty more paddleboarding around the south coast. Makes a lot of sense, although we don't want to make the waves tooo crowded.


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