Sunday Morning

Got up early to get to Avon, for some reason thinking that loads more swell might have pushed in through the night - it didn't - in fact does it ever there?! Still Avon is a nice easy place to sail, especially in winter! The waves were not that big, but were clean down the line and well spaced - improving as the day went on. Gregg and Colin decided to bail on me and go to kbay for something bigger, family commitments in the afternoon gave me no choice but to stay, glad I did, I had a wicked session. Unfortunately a passer by caught me polevaulting - tsk tsk, need to do better than that!
Just as I was leaving the Cox's turned up, was gutted to leave I could have easily sailed for another couple of hours.


  1. For the record, Kimmeridge was absolutely rubbish. Colin did a bit of on/off planing on 5.2 and big board. I walked the dog and broke my toe on a rock. Ouch.

  2. Nice pic, I hear that there is a spot reserved for you in the Olympic team! Hope you are well, btw check out my new fin company will have to get you on some soon! Cheers Chris


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