Solid Highcliffe 22nd Feb

You know in the film 2012, where all the tectonic plates shift around the world and end up somewhere completely different. Well, I can't help wondering what is going on here. Since the last weekend in February, every weekend has delivered really good sized waves for either windsurfing or surfing, and going by today those workers amongst let quality waves slip by during the week. Have we on the southcoast been picked up and dropped somewhere in the middle of the pacific - if it wasn't for the cold, I might be wondering.

This morning at Highcliffe proved to be another memorable SUP session, some big clean overhead waves coming through. I got a lot of workings, and the rides were no where near as long as they were at Kimmeridge on Sunday, but it was still pretty special.

I'm also selling a paddle board if anyone is interested its red, and it's a 9 11 Gong thruster. It's a good board, a bit narrower than the beginner SUP's, it suits glassy conditions, and is pretty fast on a wave £350 earth pounds if anyone is interested give me a shout.