Six weekends in a row!

Clyde can add some words later.


  1. Too tired too add word and concentration on drinking beer too much. 5hours of windsurfing and psddle boarding. Plus ipads are amazing, shame I've used my only cash on a new baby and paddleboard

  2. I'm disappointed Clyde. I'll add a few words while I'm waiting for dinner to cook, as February days this good are a bit of a rarity.

    Arrived Kbay eventually, after hassling Colin to get up and having childish argument over whether I would stop at a post box or not (I wouldn't). Raining at Kbay and messy but no wind, so headed back to cafe with Clyde and James, foolishly giving Colin opportunity to steal van and drive back to postbox.
    Grumpily waited for Colin's and van's return (technically he kidnapped the dog, which was in van, I'm pretty sure I can sue for that).

    Eventually got van back, with dog, and drove back down to Kimmeridge. Still no wind, and very choppy, but chunky waves. Windsurfing legend Jem Hall arrived, and after some man love hugging (initiated by Windsurfing legend Jem) we suited up and got out there (Jem in a bright red superman suit, very fitting for a legend!)

    Long paddle out back against a good 15knot wind so hard going, but once there some great waves, big and huge open faces. All got involved and one moment reminded me of Jem at his test trip best. He paddled late for a huge wave (I was safely on the shoulder paddling out). I suddenly recalled Jem bottom turning on dry coral at El Tur's 'down the line' point break (bye bye fin, sail, mast, boom) and taking set waves in Tobago's 'office' again requiring the removal of destroyed windsurfing debris from some very obvious coral. This time he nearly made it, got about halfway down before a crushing lip took him out. He came up laughing, about five minutes later...

    If that had been it, it would have been a great day. But it's only half the story. Then the wind gradually began to fill in, NW, the dream direction for KBay. A few guys tried to wobble out but it wasn't quite there, until James Cox had a go, and wobbled his way into a 30ft back loop. Cue one rigging frenzy, and a couple of hours of side shore logo high wave riding.

    Amazing day. And, amazingly, probably more of the same tomorrow. If this is global warming I love it.


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