RRD WaveTwin 82 up on Ebay

I've put my RRD WaveTwin 82 2009 up on Ebay if anyone is interested. I've also put a link from the Ebay listing to here, so that I can put up some more photos.

First the good news...

The RRD WaveTwin 82 was the test winner when twin fins first came out and the shape remained unchanged for a couple of years. Jem Hall swears by them, John Skye used this model to win the Tiree event in 2010, they're good boards with a serious pedigree. It has a wide nose, which helps to get you going quickly, and a thin tail with sharp rails. This makes is a really good and easy riding board, and it obviously has that twin-fin feel as well - grippy rather than skatey. It goes upwind very well with the two fins, and it's quite a fast board, so good for jumping.

Dimensions are:
Length - 234
width - 57.5
Volume - 82 L

I think it best suits sailors over 78kg (as a smallest board).

Now the little bit of bad news...
It's in very good condition, and hasn't been used much, but there are two areas to mention. The first is nothing, just a little knock to the tail that has been roughly filled with epoxy. No water has got in and you'd hardly notice it.
The second is an area on the rail where there is a small crack. I believe it's because there is an embedded heel bumper set into the board. I used to run an RRD windsurf centre and saw a few RRDs do this, we continued to use them heavily and not a single one snapped, or even got any worse. I've trickled some epoxy over it to ensure it's sealed, it doesn't look too pretty but it's watertight.

Why am I selling it? It's not that I don't like sailing this board, I like it, it's just I really like my old Starboard Evo (which is slower, doesn't jump as well, only has one fin but just seems to suit my style of sailing perfectly!). Therefore this board has sat in my shed for a year and a half and not had much use.

The board is in Southbourne, Bournemouth. I hope someone can put it to better use.


  1. Is this board still for sale?


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