Get it on

I have to confirm that Gregg's van is pretty tidy, plus it is white so he can drive it really angrily. The layout idea was definately mine.

Enuff of that, shit week at work, but does anyone care, just look at the forecast - it is AMAZING, being quite lazy and liking my own bed I will probably sail around Bournemouth. Avon friday quickly after work, because I guess that is the only place I will get any company. Then again Saturday and Sunday at Boscombe, Branksome or Southbourne, if it goes Westish then Highcliff should definately be on the cards.

Tides are highish in the morning, so that is when Avon will be better, and low in the afternoon, so this is when Southbourne and Boscombe will be good. Would be a good day to have two wetsuits.

Plus it is going to be a toasty 9-10 degrees, which makes it 5 times warmer than what I was windsurfing in last Sunday when I stupidly tried to do some freestyle in the depths of winter ( I rarely do in the summer - I don't know what I was thinking)