beautiful K bay

Pretty good day for February on the SUPs at Kimmeridge. Pretty big on the ledges and the bench, and not looking too SUP friendly, especially with loads of people out, so surfed the middle of the bay. Four hours, loads of waves, some pretty chunky ones, knackered now. Clyde got run over by a canoe.


  1. thought I'd lost the use of my legs!got to love canoes!

    just looked at the swell charts and it is coming through all week, and I'm on half term!

  2. er... yeah sorry about that one Clyde, no hard feelings I hope!
    I keep replaying what happened in my mind, I just can't explain it.
    You can enjoy half term, safe in the knowledge that I will be at work for the week.
    PS I was on a kayak not a canoe ;-)

  3. was a good wave the one you got before ( on your kayak!)

  4. yes that was a good one, but after running you down I lost my mojo!


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