Since Time Began...

Well, that is what if felt like. When was the last time we went for a windsurf where the wind and light lasted all day.

It was so good to be out on the water. Unfortunately it was a bit too onshore at Southbourne, so I wasn't overly keen on what looked like a lot of hard work with little entertainment value. You can guarantee that Coxy would give it a go though. Gregg has a new van, one that works and was built this century, and has wheels that actually go round and an engine that starts. It is so new that Gregg doesn't really suit it, luckily for him it does have a bit of a scrape down one side. Gregg picked Colin up who was moaning about how cold it would be in his wetsuit that has more holes in it than his latest purchase from Ann Summers. So we forced him to buy a shiney new wetsuit from Aggy in Spot on Water. Now he is too keen.

Avon, was in a word, pretty average (that is two words), I was going nicely on a 4.2, maybe a little underdone because of the river that was at full speed. There were some fun little waves for waveriding and doing forwards off, forgot how much fun they were!!

Coxy turned up after failing at Southbourne, and then moaned of back pain the whole time - no doubt the result of trying doubles of Avon chop! Foolish, but impressive too. Then like a ghost of legends past Chris and Rich Audsley turned up too the beach, which was now started to resemble a lake with the odd peeler it. Chris still managed to bust out loads of planing forwards and pushies, despite using some very colourful kit that wouldnt' have looked out of place in Germany, in 1986. He did have 4 fins in his board though. In fact quite a few people had four fins in their board. I would have actually liked just one today, to power through the chop and boost better jumps with!!

All in all a very good day!