All about the winter

Alfie of Boardseeker filming fame was down here last week doing a mini documentary of Coxy of all things, for Boardseeker. It came out really well, so check it out... it makes a change to see what the real UK windsurfers get up too and how they try and fit windsurfing in, whatever the weather, within their usual lifestyle. Hopefully we will see more of them to come.

More Windsurfing Videos

Emile is doing some of the features work for Boardseeker now which is quite funny, as that used to be my job. Seems so long ago that Adrian, Louise and myself set the first Boardseeker windsurfing magazine up with the idea of embeded video to aid stories. It took so much time then to get a video uploaded and embeded into the web page - even only 6 years ago connections were so slow. I just pasted the above code in about 2 seconds!