kit up it's windy

I can foresee some very windy periods ahead, the type of weather where the smallest kit is needed, and can be bought right here at a very reasonable price too. My advice would be to buy it off me and not get caught out by the weather ahead!

An allwave 72, loose as a goose this board, it only has one fin but I can give you a spare if that counts. Plus it is a sweeeet waveboard and is in really good condition £300 earth poundlings

4.0 Simmer Icon, the icon! This sail has not been used for over a year now and is in fantastic condition £160

and finally just possibly the most important and the most useful sized sail you can have in a quiver, the magnificent 5.3 all round wavesail..

Well I have a little used 2010, orange and white Simmer Icon for only £220.00, which is a complete bargain when you think that new sails are almost 5 hundy, and it is still 2010. It really is not much different from the 2011..

Anyway here is looking to a week of plenty more power hour after work evening sessions.