Tiree Report and News

The boy done good!

One whole lot of waiting and the happy folk on Tiree finally got some conditions, by all accounts it was marginal 5.3 weather, cross offshore, waist to head high waves at Ballephuil. They managed to finish the comp, but the latest from Coxy is that he aint gonna make my stag marathon bike pub crawl tomorrow. But that doesn't matter because he could be in the running for 3rd place.

3rd or 4th is either Jim or John! (Skye that is), whilst Coxy seemed to think Ben Proffit would have got first place, but the surprise finalist was Freestyle maestro, Bubble. Andy Chambers is mainly known for his freestyle prowess, but since he is such a naturally talented windsurfer it is no surprise to see him in the top 3. He pulled off Goita's regularly in every heat.

Even better for the Southbourne local is that he finishes higher up than his international boss, Lalo Goya! That has too bode well. Hopefully he will come up good with the judges and get 3rd place.

Not bad for someone who holes himself up for 14 hour days in a shed over the end of his garden, crouched over and old PC and staring at increasingly boring algorithms all day! Hardly the pro we think of, especially compared to his other finalists! Someone should give the BigSalty lad a bit of a break we reckon!