Testing My Sanity!

It was like having a plate of fillet steak and chips put in front of you then only been allowed a chip and a sniff, a small taste of something that was probably the best dinner of the month.

Well at least I managed to open my October account, I am sure there was a transpiricy against me. This morning at 6.45 am, taking the dog for the walk, in the warm very windy weather I noticed my tyres had been let down, or I like to think of it that way. They might just have been flat.

It was a dilemma, do I change in the flat or try to pump up, hoping it will last the day at work so I can get out quick to the water. The wind forecast to die at 4.30 according to Big Salty. I went to change it. Now this is when I find out there is not standard size of bolt. Liz's car one was too small, the one in my van was too big.

Ill use the pump. The pump had vanished. I'll use the electric pump. The electric pump was flat. Arse.So I phoned my mate Dave down the road. (his name is actually Dave). Amazing, he had one! However these electric pumps must just sneeze occasionally because it took 25 minutes to pump it up, leaving me initially thinking I had a big hole. Anyway it worked, the tyre stayed up all day.

The next big problem was work. Inset day for performance management, lots of meetings to go on. The only thing is that since I am bottom of the rung, a mere teacher, or warrior in the presence of many chiefs. I only had one meeting and a short course to attend. I was over by 10.30. It was now howling (and also pissing it down to such an extent that I thought I was underwater for a while). Coxy was out on a 3.7 at Avon, and for the first time since October, the waves were good.

Meanwhile I had to try and get through a mountain of work with this in mind (which could easily be done after a couple of hours in the water), was I allowed to leave.

Yes though, I got to Avon at 3.15, someone was out on a 4.2. Coxy turned up for a second session. But with the forecast in the back of my mind I rigged a 5.3. It was the right choice and we had a good fun hour, the wind dropping towards the end. It wasnt classic, but a taster that it probably was classic earlier on. Was also great to get some clean sections on the wave and flats between waves.

The Mistral twinser was my board of choice and it is a lovely wave board. it has a fair amount of vee which is unusual for a twin fin, this means you can get upwind on the peak really well.

To end it Coxy showed me his rigging technique, mast side on to the cup at the end and half a UJ, so close to doing the long walk of Gayvon shame, such a shame!