Gaastra, Tabou demo and Backloop Clinic at West Wittering

I do feel ever so slightly guilty making a shameless self promoting post my first one on this blog but here goes: (I promise to write some interesting content too)

Gaastra / Tabou Demo - 16th / 17th October
Firstly, there is a Gaastra / Tabou demo on the windiest day out of 16th and 17th October at West Wittering Windsurf Club. We will have all the latest 2011 gear for anyone to try including the new Gaastra IQ (new school wavesail) and Tabou Da Curve Quad.

The West Wittering charge is being removed for anyone who wants to try some gear, making it completely free to come along and play. For more info and to register your interest, please checkout the 2XS Blog

Backlooping Clinic
After a really successful clinic last year, I will again be running a backloop clinic at West Wittering Windsurf Club.

The possible dates are 9th, 10th, 23rd or 24th October, at time of writing, there are still places left.

For more info see here.


  1. and it's the first video on the blog, I better learn some pc skills!

  2. Cool Emile, you should go and learn how to do proper high backloops!


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