Cornish Pasties

Is it better to stay at home and be disappointed, or drive for 3.5 hours and then get disappointed? For many reasons I was unable to get to Cornwall during the week. Saturday was always looking hit and miss, but to miss out on potentially amazing conditions, where plenty of your mates are is hard to swallow. Gregg had already bailed, so at the 11th hour, I decided to pile the kit in the car as it would be quicker and cheaper for a solo mission. I had had already paid my accommodation for the Gwithian Classic!

The conditions did not disappoint. I had so many beating's which took toll on my mast foot, which then decided to depart it'self from the board at a vital time during one of my heats. Still, I had so much fun I was not disappointed.

Fluke of the day, and subsequent skill of the day, has to go to Emile, who got knocked out in the first heat, despite two amazing waves. Luckily he got a bye, because one competitor was injured. He then powered his way to final, included a heat re run with Scott McDowell, and I am sure if he managed to get two waves in the dying wind during the final, he would have won it!

Hopefully our team won, despite being let down by the Dunnett, and to a fair extent our mentor, Mr Cox, whose only inspiration came in the form of some hideous decisions in the pub that night!


  1. I have an aching back and feel broken and happy at the same time.

    If your silly UJ hadn't broken, our team would have definitely won and I'm pretty sure we would have been in the final together.

    I would have driven twice the distance for those conditions!

    Where was/is Gregg? I expect a full explanation as to his lack of appearance...

    I have to admit that I am bloody scared of mast high Gwithian too. Although now, I am a little bit less scared...


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