It's been a week of almosts for me. Almost a good SUP, surf and couple of almost good windsurfs - in all cases just a little bit more was needed and it could have been really good. There was a really big swell here on Tuesday, I surfed late with Gregg and got a couple of big chunky waves. It's a shame it wasn't lower tide, it would have been really, really good.

Then there was the windsurfing, all it needed was maybe 5 knots more, and it would have been amazing in the South Easterly, unfortunately it was just disappointing. The worst thing about all these little tasters, is that it makes the wait even more frustrating. I think all of us windsurfers must be getting that feeling now. We just want the conditions to last for one long session, where the tide is right and the wind is not going to die off by the time you can get to the water, or within an hour of being there. I have my new boards and sails, and a snippet of what they are about, but we just need more!!!!!

Looking at the forecast, I am trying to work out where to go on Sunday, there must be wind somewhere, typically it has a bit of North in it, keeping it out of Bournemouth Bay. Swanage could be a goer perhaps, and it is warmer than last time we went, maybe even Sandbanks.

The one thing I am glad of is that I don't feel obliged to go to the Tiree Wave Classic any more. Great event that it is, the forecast there is shockingly bad. To spend a week with nothing to do, when time is so valuable would drive me mad. I hope for their Sanity they can get something in on Saturday or Sunday. However in that direction, getting a wave up there is going to be asking some with the small swell forecast. Whenever I have been to Tiree, the waves have never been anywhere as big as the Atlantic Swell would suggest, and you could get to Australia in the same time as it takes to get there - is there anything more frustrating!

That is not to say it isn't a good event, you have to experience it at least once in your windsurfing life! Take a spare wetsuit, warm jackets, waterproofs and liver is my advice if you do.