Mistral Joker Wave

Finally time to get out on the water, and really keen since I have my new 2011 boards and sails though. 

Only problem was that I was a bit of norman, what with Gregg starting a full time job, Coxy on his mini honeymoon following the weekends wedding and Colin on some 5 star all expenses business trip to Singapore for a charity, which is a little bizzarre.

But the main thing is MISTRAL boards, a change from Fanatic, to keep with the O Shea stable. It's always going to be a gamble changing from a brand that make as good boards as Fanatic. In fact I was a little worried about sailing the new Joker Wave 95, it looked nice but with a rebuilt brand you never know, despite the legend!

But I am genuinely so excited about this board, I have never actually ever sailed a freewave board that turns like this. It is pretty amazing. Quite short at 234, but cranks into tight bottom turns ridiculously fast for a freewave. Might get out on the twinzer tomorrow, hoping that it also performs! The icons were lush as usual. The 5.3 has a lot shorter luff than last year 6cm less, so will only rig on a 400 mast, one mast for all then.

It wasn't that windy at first, plus I had to wear my winter wetsuit because I broke the zip on the summer one, and with all the selfish gits doing more important things, there was noone to do it up, and willow couldnt reach.