Home to the Gower

Home for ten days and five Gower sessions have passed.
Not 100% classic any of them, but the best sessions have been an unusual NE at Llangenith. Two down the line sessions to follow the onshore of last Sunday and smaller tides of that week that weren’t quite enough to get Horton to work. Floating out for waves with an 8 second period is well worth the frustration! Good to catch up with the guys at home, multi fins are taking off. I looked into one car window and saw 10 fins in 3 sticks!!
It’s been a long time since I posted anything, but the summer delivered at good moments for me. Disappearing on work trips isn’t so bad straight from Llangenith , especially when you return two weeks later and drive through the night to get to the Pill-working in July! The next departure I returned again to a session the following day!
I made a trip to France in late August, enjoying the conditions of Brittany. Surfing and SUPing on the Crozon Peninsula followed up by more of the same at La Touché. Then the wind came in with light S/SE and delivered the windsurf highlight, La Touché, one session with enough wind to plane out, the other floating but with a good half mast to logo high on set! The best thing about the fun size session with better breeze was Solenne (my wife) was in surfing and she got to see exactly why I can’t commit to doing anything for the majority of the year because it might be windy, why I’m returning from this trip-already planning the next as she watched with top turns leaving a rainbow in the spray and me trying to put some good advice into practice and at last landing some small front side areals! We continued south to more surfing in Quiberon (great swell those few days!), before heading to the South of France to see family.
I also got a surprise wave session in the med in an easterly! Good waves and cross on in La Cap d’Agde amongst other flat water sessions further west. If you are looking for wind, flat water and freestyle head to Narbonne because by the end of August the wind starts to blow hard, regularly.
Rigging my kit by the van meant a mad sail across a harbour canal, climbing in and out over the sea defence/harbour wall to then make the short walk to the beach in Gruissan. An unusual start to any session, one which I usually followed by de-rigging at the spot and swimming my kit back across the river to finish! (The change down was hard work swimming around with a rolled sail and mast!!)
So, it’s good to be home and reflecting on my trip, if I lived in the south of the UK I would be over to Brittany on a good forecast like a shot! It has endless potential for good surf to ride with or without your rig! Those looking for something flatter should be heading to the SW med in the late summer, with lake potential and offshore speed strips and freestyle potential galore.


  1. which country we in here!

    Will be in Gower this autumn I promise. Cling why don't you come to the cornwall wave event and join in the amateurs, get a swansea team together. Emile, Gregg and Myself are entering a team, Coxy is going to use a bottle of whisky to mentor us - so you can see just how this is going to turn out.!


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