As good as it gets!

Well, almost. I was getting sessioned with work at school today, whilst I knew Southbourne was going off, Westerly with a great swell running, before even leaving work I was close to boiling point even to get out on the water I had a serious of obstacles to overcome. The first was unpacking a board (should never complain about new boards), then I had to go and get Gregg's kit, should he manage to get out from work at time.

This was followed by spending bloody ages on the beach trying to set the new board up with straps and fins, for some reason I think I accidentally threw the screws away for the fins. And there are two of them to try and find. All the time I could see some amazing waves coming in at Southbourne. I was almost ready, then Jacko from school turned up and wanted to borrow an Allwave, so I had to put that together. Then I unrolled and started rigging the wrong sail. Very close to snapping, I was half in my wetsuit then Chris Audsley rang up to ask me if I knew where his phone charger was -strange?

I finally got out on the water with my new Mistral 82 twinser and 4.2 Icon, and had a ball, big waves, big enough they couldn't be outrun if you messed up - which I did - several times. Plenty of smooth faces to do some powerful cut backs on - as good as Southbourne gets. It was great fun, I was having so much fun waveriding, 1st for a long time. The board was great in 4.2 weather, I just can't see why I would need smaller than an 82. Lovely board, and pretty standard feel of a twin fin, very similar to the fanatic in fact, but a little more forgiving to rusty technique due to the slightly wider tail, and goes upwind like a rocket ship due to the quite pronounced concave and vee. Not a stand out like the Joker Wave, but very familiar in feel, but I have to say I am pretty stoked with my two new boards, renewed brand and designer, they could have been dogs, but instead are bloody lovely!

Gregg eventually turned up at about 6.30pm and got an hour in the fading light - he still loves his battered evo!

The Maui ultrafins seem to work well, although I am not sure I like it when they are staring straight at me without the rounded outline of a standard fin. I'm looking forward to comparing them to a set of Thorpy's K4 fins which are more of a traditional shape to see if there is any difference.


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