Summer Wavesailing Surprise

Yesterday I went to Kimmeridge expecting to get a good sail in, didn't. But at least I didn't go out unlike Rod and Andy Tedd. They didn't have a good time. Today I was just going to go for a SUP. Turned out it was windy and NW. Almost went to Christchurch Harbour, but then remembered about Milfland on Sea. 5.3 weather, what a result. Confusingly it was cross on, so maybe it went Westerly despite being offshore at Boscombe - you never know what you are going to get in the land of Milf. I took some pictures of Gregg, he offered to take use of the camera as the wind died.

Coxy didn't make it to Milfland, he was too busy being screwed over by BT and the Motormechanics, definately not ZEN. Cornwall tomorrow for Coxy's stag weekend.. yip!


  1. Cool photos, thanks for sharing. I like windsurfing, but can never get anyone to get any good photos...


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