Any one else confused?

Is anyone else completely confused by fins?

I had just bribed Steve Thorp into letting me have a pair of his new K4 fins (which I think are going to be pretty popular - price and weight wise). He then asked me what size I wanted? The honest answer was that I have absolutely no idea about this.

On a single fin board I have it worked out (usually stick with the one it comes with, but for an 82 litre a 22 -23cm one is about right, medium flex, not too stiff).

Then I was reading, or tried to read numerous threads on the Boards and Boardseeker forum, plus information on the Starboard website. I worked out that a lot of people like discussing fins to the degree of boredom, I still have no idea, and it seems a complete minefield that no one knows the answer too.

This is what I have worked out so far.

There are about 4 -5 different fin sizes for quads and twins (a few more if you include tri's).
You can then choose to have the bigger ones at the front and smaller at the rear
Or the other way round
Or you can have 4 smaller fins on the quads.
You can then choose to have different flexes
Different tow in angles
Or Assymetric outside fins
Plus you can have a new
Slot box by starboard
Mini tuttle or
standard US

I'm not a mathematician, but is that a massive amount of combinations?

2 things here, I just want to plug my  board in and go sailing right now and am I good enough to know the difference, every single wave is different and I am way to forgetful to remember 4 fins, let alone options!

Ah, that is actually 4 things (I've no chance). Anyway I would love to have a quad and  twin and plenty of time on the water to know the difference  - what if you break one fin or lose one on the quad? Will changing my fins make me a better windsurfer, or will my state of mind on the day?


  1. Riding Twins at the moment but most here have Quads, I am looking forward to when it all goes back to the lonely single fin! I use 16cm twins for 5.0 if that helps.


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