Windsurfing discovery

Hopefully today could be a sign of things to come, the west is getting battered by a southwesterly time to get wet again.

I've learnt that water is definitely a lot softer than rock and stones after last weekends motor cross escapades from which I am still recovering from, 1st time on a bike and a 250cc at that! I soon discovered that I can't jump them like a mountain bike.

I took my sister out yesterday, last time she went windsurfing was as a boardseeker babe to an all expenses visit to Minorca Sailing, that was quite a few years ago. Anyway, I bought an F2 discovery off ebay for Liz, it was only 150 - complete bargain of a board. This is one of the best starter boards there has been - Ramona was having a blast. We had a great time messing around on it at Christchurch harbour. It reminded me of the old days where people were out with there picnics and windsurfing gear enjoying the sun and atmosphere. There were about 15 or so there of all ages with start up kit.

 Then Willow had a turn, she was a natural - which considering she is a dog is quite impressive!. We actually almost got planing on a 4.0! Everyone should get a board like this to take their otherhalfs/mates/dogs/cat's out on.

Next stop was Southbourne, again armed with a couple of cold ones, a 5.7 and some serious sunshine! Hopefully SW's are here for a bit longer and will get a bit stronger.